JUNE, High speed industrial automatic pocket sewing machine

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JUNE, High speed industrial automatic pocket sewing machine

Customized mould, Flexible process accessible to any garment factory!


Weishi automatic sewing series includes shirt sewing unit, trousers sewing unit and automobile interior sewing unit. In the field of clothing, it ismainly used for sewing parts of shirts and trousers, such as collar, sleeves,pockets, placket, trouser seams, waistband, pocket, etc. Due to its strong stability and flexibility, it is widely used in any apparel factories at home and abroad, such as Hodo, Esquel Group, LUTHAI TEXTILE, HLA, shenzhougroup, TAL Group, etc.


The WS-8700 series is a high-speed automatic pocket sewing machine with excellent sewing performance, compared with traditional man-made, the productivity improves 3-4 times. For example: Shirt pocket sewing machine. One machine can complete the positioning of large pieces of shirts, folding and sewing of pockets at the same time. One operator can operate one machine at a speed of up to 2000-2200pieces / 8 hours. 



  1. 一、It is not only suitable for woven fabrics, but also for knitted fabrics and denim fabrics.

             knitted fabric:


  2.     Round pocket                 Round pocket with double lines             Oblique angle pocket                    Other customized pocket 


  4. woven fabric:


  6.     Round pocket                        Round pocket               Right angle pocket with double lines       Right angle pocket  (bottom pocket )

  7.                                                                                                              (Military uniform)

  1. 二、High sewing accuracy, even seam to pocket margin (0.5mm-0.8mm).

  2. 三、Customized mold. It can meet all kinds of pocket styles. Customers can respond quickly to the changing trend of the current market to ensure market share.



    四、Flexible process. Multi language visual touch screen, easy to operate. The user-friendly operating system enables the operator to quickly enter the working state,complete the setting of all parameters and observe the operation of themachine.

  2.       五、Won a number of patents.

                       (1)A changing mould of lower mould device in the folding mechanism of the pocket sewing machine




                            (2)A folding and feeding mechanism of pocket sewing machine




                           (3)An folding auxiliary top mechanism of pocket sewing machine


    An automatically adding lining cloth mechanism of pocket sewing machine           


         六、Easy maintenance. Mold changingis very convenient. The whole set of mould can be replaced in 8 minutes.Greatly improved the production efficiency.

         七、The hardware configuration meets the first-class standards in the industry. Equipped with JUKI sewing head, all electronic components are produced by world famous manufacturers.


      JUKI sewing head                                                                      OMRON  PLC


        OMRON  Servo motor                                                         SMC Solenoid valve

     Relative new model:

    WS-8700A  Automatic denim pocket sewing machine

    In addition to inheriting the advantages of the above-mentioned pocket sewing family: folding,sewing, collection in one stop, high-speed sewing, applicable to all kinds of fabrics, customized mold, flexible process, easy operation, rapid mold change andexquisite suture, the biggest advantage is sewing shirt pocket with double lineand denim pocket .


               Denim pocket with double line   Denim pocket with single line(with label)

At present, Weishi WS-8700 high-speed automatic pocket sewing series has already received praise and affirmation from customers at home and abroad due to its stable operation and exquisite sewing effect.