JULY, as a professional solution provider in equipment connectivity technology,WEISHI is helping traditional laundry factories to advancing the development in digital control for increasing productivity and reducing costs!

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Whether it is the equipment manufacturer or the user, with the continuous strictness of the construction standards of washing plants and the continuous improvement of requirements, the equipment connectivity has become a trend. This paper will explain how to build a new type of digital laundry factory to increase productivity and reduce cost by analyzing the technology of connectivity from Weishi machinery.

What is the connectivity?

In a word, connectivity is to connect the equipment to the local area network, then to collect and apply the data from the equipment by software, the whole process is completed.

Connectivity+Automatic operation

to advancing the development for the laundry factories

The connectivity can realize the centralized monitoring and digital management for the consumption of energy medium such as "water, electricity, gas and heat" and the status of equipment.

It can also analyze the equipment operation parameters and energy consumption historical data, timely find out the situation of energy consumption deviation from the planned target, integrate relevant data for analysis, excavate the root cause of abnormal energy consumption, guide the equipment to make adaptive adjustment, and continuously improve energy consumption performance.

For Weishi equipment connectivity, the operation data of current customer, equipment temperature, speed, pressure, current program, washing capacity and operation mode of washing equipment are obtained through three basic modules: PLC + acquisition equipment, acquisition pre service and cloud software.

According to the equipment operation start-up status, running time, alarm situation, shutdown times and reasons, equipment output, energy consumption, chemical consumption, unit energy consumption and early warning, equipment maintenance project, plan, record, reminder, fault record and statistics, overdue maintenance warning and other information are sent to the cloud background management system in a timely manner; and a series of application programs are constructed to group the platform data Organize and associate, complete the monitoring of plant equipment operation, energy consumption of equipment output, equipment maintenance management and analysis and management of production process operation status.



All supporting facilities and washing equipment and finishing equipment in the laundry workshop are separately installed with electricity meters, water meters, steam flow meters and gas flow meters. The energy consumption and production capacity of each equipment are monitored in real time through Weishi connectivity management system, so as to effectively reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency.

Through the big data analysis of the collected energy consumption and output information, we can master the average weight of each compartment every day, month and year, as well as the average energy consumption per kilogram output. Through the intuitive display of radar chart, we can easily grasp whether the energy consumption exceeds the standard, and provide data support for the management personnel to manage and analyze the energy consumption.

Analyze the energy consumption and output data according to different time dimensions, find out the abnormal situation of energy consumption in time, urge the management personnel to analyze the abnormal reasons, and formulate corresponding preventive and corrective measures. According to the real-time data collected, the unit energy consumption is calculated according to a certain frequency. Once exceeding the standard, an early-warning wechat message will be sent to the designated personnel to remind them to pay attention to whether the production equipment is abnormal and correct it in time.

According to the daily washing scale of 80 tons, four continuous batch washers / 10 hours and 150 staffs. It adopts full information, intelligent and automatic management system. After about one year's operation, at present, the daily washing capacity of two washers is 30 tons (8 hours), with 75 operators, and the realization of 50kg per hour per person(if the operation is not automatic, 150 people are needed to complete the daily washing volume of 30 tons, and the per capita per hour is 25kg). Through the connectivity and automation equipment solution, energy saving and efficiency increase are remarkable.


To sum up, the use of connectivity technology, configurated with the configuration of automatic laundry equipment, on the one hand, can effectively collect information, on the other hand, it can realize the automatic linkage between equipments, reduce labor, improve the automation production level of laundry factory, and achieve the goal of reducing cost and efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection, saving labor, increasing production and improving quality.

WEISHI connectivity equipment

Washer unit—Continuous batch washer


1、Thanks to the design of large volume ratio, water and linen integrate perfectly and transmit continuously to the next washing zone;

2、The continuous batch washer adopts the world's top transmission and control system, and the swing cycle can be up to 9 seconds, which ensures the washing mechanical force and makes the relative movement between the linen and drum to the best;

3、The washing process is more reasonable, more water-saving and energy-saving;

4、The precise control system can automatically adjust the amount of water and chemicals according to the weight of linen, so that the washing quality will not be affected by the different loading volum, and ensure the cleanliness of linen washing;

Washer unit—Hydraulic press


1、The special flexible pressure technology can accurately control the exhaust and drainage process of the linen, greatly reducing the damage rate;

2、The ultra-high pressure capacity can effectively reduce the linen moisture, reduce the energy consumption and drying time of the dryer, and increase the productivity;

3、The hydraulic cylinder with 400mm diameter can reduce the pressure of the hydraulic system under the condition of ensuring the total pressure, so that the equipment can operate more safely and stably.

Washer unit—Transfer dryer


1、Radial heating series of transfer dryer: through secondary technological innovation, it adopts heat recovery system and humidity control system, real-time monitoring of temperature dynamic by computer, intelligent steam compensation, and automatic cooling process system in cooling stage to reduce heat loss. Through repeated test and data demonstration, under the same conditions, steam energy consumption is saved by about 38%, and drying efficiency is increased by about 20%, It has reached the international advanced level. Plush automatic collection system is available;

2、Through transfer dryer axial heating series: axial front and rear air inlet system, high thermal energy utilization, effectively shorten drying time, unique air duct structure and heating system, effectively reduce energy consumption, low noise, easy maintenance. It is more suitable for places with compact space structure.

Flatwork finishing system—Feeder

High speed automatic feeder with buffer lines

1、High feeding frame, ergonomic design of the feeding mode, one corner feeding, reduce the difficulty of linen sorting, improve the feeding speed, save time, reduce labor intensity, convenient operation;

2、The advanced track separation and track merging technology can handle linen with high speed and efficiency, accurately put the linen into the spreader, and accurately assign the distribution empty clip to each input station;

3、Linen temporary storage function of high hanging high position spreader: even in the case of insufficient operators, it can adjust the feeding rhythm of linen and improve the distribution efficiency; at the same time, when the linen grass stays in the temporary storage area, it can naturally evaporate a certain amount of water, accelerate the ironing speed and save energy;

Multi-purpose feeder:

1、Touch screen programmable computer control, each station has counting function;

2、Each station adopts servo motor control, which increases the accuracy of positioning;

3、The linen grass accumulated in batches can be processed quickly, and the spreader can run continuously without interruption;

4、If the site permits, the system can be added with rail separation, track merging and power transmission, so as to realize mass storage and long-distance transportation;

5、This system can be equipped with ZP / 01 and ZP / 02 model feeder。

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